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Highlands Ranch is a thriving suburban area home to many successful businesses. Highlands Ranch offers many activities for youth, adults and seniors. For those wanting to have a bit of an adventure, there are Horse ActivitiesTrails/Archery RangeActive Wildlife, and Hunting.


Located twelve miles south of Denver, Highlands Ranch is located Douglas County at an elevation of 5,920 feet. Originally inhabited by Native Americans, much of the area began as ranch land, but lack of water meant the area wasn’t permanently settled until the 1870s. With much growth in the Denver area happening because of the gold rush, this area in Douglas County remained largely ranches and farms. The first homes in Highlands Ranch were built in 1981, after The Mission Viejo Company acquired the land in 1978.


Today, you can find every type of home from luxury custom homes, starter housing to condos and townhomes. With unemployment quite low in the area, and with great schools and restaurants, shopping areas and miles of trails and open areas. Real estate in Highlands Ranch, CO has something for everyone. One of the agents on our team will be your knowledgeable real estate agent for Highlands Ranch, CO.


Having recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, Highlands Ranch boasts shopping, dining and residential areas with acres of open space enjoyment, while being a central neighborhood in the metro Denver area.


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